Powered-Up Rocky Wrench

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Powered-Up Rocky Wrench

Super Mario Odyssey concept artwork
First appearance The Art of Super Mario Odyssey (2018)
Species Rocky Wrench

The Powered-Up Rocky Wrench is a unused Rocky Wrench boss who would have appeared in Super Mario Odyssey, but was later replaced with the Broodals (specifically Rango). They are based on Rocky Wrench's original design rather than the modern design, due to having a shell, a taller orange body, white-rimmed sunglasses, a round snout, sharp teeth of the older depictions of Rocky Wrench. The Powered-Up Rocky Wrench also has a big pointy flower on its head, which would have likely been a projectile that it would throw at Mario.

The Powered-Up Rocky Wrench is featured in concept artwork from The Art of Super Mario Odyssey book, under "Powered-Up Regular Enemy Designs" alongside other Powered-Up enemies who would have originally appeared as bosses. However, due to most of the Powered-Up enemies being too Koopa-like, the designs were scrapped due to them being too similar to the Koopalings and they would eventually be replaced by the Broodals. However, the book went on to say that the designs could potentially return in a future game.


  • One of the other concept art designs for the Broodals has one of the members having similarities to the Powered-Up Rocky Wrench, having a similar shell on their back and throwing the exact same pointy flowers that the Powered-Up Rocky Wrench has.
  • The Powered-Up Rocky Wrench was eventually replaced by Rango, though Rango has some inspiration from the scrapped Powered-Up Rocky Wrench boss, such as throwing bouncy flower hats which are similar to what the pointy flower that the Powered-Up Rocky Wrench has.
  • If the Powered-Up Rocky Wrench became a boss, it would have been the second appearance of a Rocky Wrench in a 3D Super Mario series game, the first being Super Mario 3D Land.