VS. Clu Clu Land

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VS. Clu Clu Land is the VS. System release of Clu Clu Land. It was released exclusively in Japan on December 5, 1984. Compared to the original game, VS. Clu Clu Land has twice as many puzzles, a new enemy named Boss Unira, different level themes, and some other adjusted game features.

On April 28, 1992, the game was ported to the Famicom Disk System, with the title Clu Clu Land: Welcome to New Cluclu Land, and was the last game released for the peripheral. This version features a few minor enhancements such as difficulty selection. On June 28, 2018, Hamster Corporation released a port of VS. Clu Clu Land for the Nintendo Switch's Arcade Archives.

Clu Clu Land: Welcome to New Cluclu Land and its base game are included as unlockable games in the Nintendo GameCube title, Animal Crossing. In Animal Crossing, the former game was renamed to Clu Clu Land D.