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The Wii Message Board was a messaging system on the Wii that users could use to send messages to other Wii users. It was powered by WiiConnect24. The user could either register a different Wii Friend Code separate from the games that use Friend Code exchange or send a friend request to someone that uses a 3rd party e-mail service, such as Hotmail or Gmail. The service was discontinued on June 27, 2013, as WiiConnect24 had been discontinued that same day.

Mario-related appearances[edit]

In Super Mario Galaxy, the Mailtoad will send images to the Wii Message Board if both Mario and Luigi talk to him in "The Star Festival" mission.

In Mario Kart Wii, a picture of the playable Mario, Peach, and the player's Mii before all gold on all courses or a picture of all the playable characters with the player's Mii after getting all gold will be sent to the Wii Message Board upon finishing the credits.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, there are two pictures that can be sent to the Wii Message Board by fulfilling certain criteria; the first one is obtained when Mario defeats Bowser one time and another is obtained by achieving 100% completion.

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