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Detail of the Wii U GamePad

The Wii U GamePad is the main controller of the Wii U console. The GamePad has a 6.2 inch (15.7 cm) resistive touchscreen in the center, and is the first ever controller for a home video game console to have this feature. Its button layout is somewhat similar to that of the Nintendo 3DS, having the traditional Control Stick to the left of the screen and the A Button, B Button, Y Button, and X Button buttons to the right. The GamePad has two traditional Control Stick, one on each side of the screen and over the traditional buttons. The sticks are slightly displaced nearer to the edges of the controller and are clickable. The L Button and R Button buttons are located behind the GamePad, as are the ZL Button and ZR Button buttons. Below the screen is the HOME Button button, situated between the microphone aperture and the battery light, and next to the light is the TV Button button. The Minus Button select button and Plus Button start button are found below the A ButtonB ButtonY ButtonX Button buttons. The Power Button button is directly below the screen right to the TV button. The controller also has a NFC sensor NFC sensor, able to read objects or codes near to the controller. The GamePad can be used with a stylus and features a frontal camera, a microphone, a stereo speaker, sensor strip, rumble system, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, rechargeable battery and built-in flash memory to store data.[1] Using the controller, one can browse the internet, send videos, flip channels, take screenshots, and connect to Miiverse while playing any game. It can also be used as universal TV control. Video chat is also included but cannot be executed while playing. Games for this console can be played on the TV screen, the controller screen, or a combination of both,[2] known as asymmetric gameplay. The controller cannot be used to play Wii games, although its sensor can be used for playing Wii games and its screen can be used to display them. The GamePad had a port on the bottom which was most likely made to support accessories, including a concept Wii U Zapper, but accessories were never released most likely due to low sales and lack of third-party games that feature using third-party accessories.