Blood ghost

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Blood ghost

A Blood Ghost's in-game appearance
First appearance Find Mii (2011)
Latest appearance Find Mii II (2011)
Variant of Ghost
Blue ghost

Blood ghosts are large purple ghost enemies in Find Mii. They have a light blue tongue, a mohawk with three spikes, and glaring dark eyes. Only two blood ghosts are encountered: the first one is at Gloomy Grotto - East and the second one is at Mirage Tower - Ground. Blood ghosts have 50 HP, and they are the strongest of the three ghost enemies. Blood ghosts are unaffected by red magic, although blue magic deals twice as much damage to them.

Two more blood ghosts appear in Find Mii II's Secret Quest. The first one is encountered at Merciless Mountain - West, and the second one is encountered at Perilous Peak - West.