Blue ghost

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Blue ghost

A blue ghost's in-game appearance
First appearance Find Mii (2011)
Latest appearance Find Mii II (2011)
Variant of Ghost
Notable members
Blood ghost

Blue ghosts are lavender blue ghosts and a common enemy in Find Mii. Their body is lavender blue, and they have a dark blue tongue and a small tuft of hair on their head. Blue ghosts have 25 HP, and they are unaffected by blue magic but are vulnerable to red magic. A blue ghost is last encountered in Mirage Tower, where it is protected by a light blue shield.

In Find Mii II, there is one blue ghost boss, and it uses mirage magic to clone itself. If a hero hits the clone instead of the original blue ghost, they will give up and leave the party.


Find Mii
  • Fort of Summoning - B2
  • Gloomy Grotto
  • Gloomy Grotto - Exit
  • Mirage Tower (protected by light blue shield)
Find Mii II
  • Restless Rise - South
Secret Quest
  • Bewitching Bog East