Armored demon

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Armored demon
First appearance Find Mii (2011)
Latest appearance Find Mii II (2011)
Variant of Armored ghost
Notable members
Armored fiend
Armored archfiend

Armored Demons are somewhat common enemies that appear in Find Mii and its sequel, Find Mii II. Like Blue Ghosts, they have 25 HP in the first game. An Armored Demon first appears in Mirage Tower 1F. Two of them are found in Mirage Tower 3F, which is the last place where they are encountered.

In Find Mii II, Armored Demons have an increased HP of 40, and one is encountered in Castle of Darkness' Throne Room with a Reaper Captain. In the Secret Quest, if the heroes take the Restless Rise path, they must defeat an Armored Demon to rescue the monarch.


Find Mii
  • Mirage Tower 1F
  • Mirage Tower 2F
  • Mirage Tower 3F (x2)
Find Mii II
  • Forest of Sorrow Entrance
  • Castle of Darkness Throne Room
Secret Quest
  • Restless Rise North
  • Dolorous Deepwood West
  • Forest of Sorrow Exit
  • Castle of Darkness Throne Room

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