Game Boy micro

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Game Boy micro

A black Game Boy micro
Manufacturer(s) Nintendo
Type(s) Handheld video game console
Generation Sixth
Release date Japan September 13, 2005
USA September 19, 2005
Australia November 3, 2005
Europe November 4, 2005
South Korea December 20, 2005[1]
China March 23, 2006
Discontinued 2008[2]
Units sold 2.42 million[3]
Media Game Boy Advance Game Pak
CPU 32-bit ARM7TDMI (16.78 MHz)

The Game Boy micro is a handheld system released by Nintendo in 2005. It is a smaller and lighter redesign of the Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy micro is the third remodel of the system, following after the Game Boy Advance SP and its AGS-101 model. The redesign prevents the system from being backwards compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges as well as certain accessories, such as the e-Reader. The Game Boy micro also features an adjustable backlight and a removable faceplate, which could be swapped out for another faceplate design. Some faceplates were bundled with the system while others were sold separately, and the ability to change the faceplate was Nintendo's primary focus while advertising the system.

Reception and sales[edit]

The Game Boy micro received largely positive reviews, with many touting the effectiveness of the backlight and the impact the removable faceplate had on customization while effectively protecting the system.[4] However, sales fell short of expectations, with only 2.42 million units sold worldwide by March 2007.[3]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲームボーイミクロ
Gēmu Bōi Mikuro
Game Boy Micro


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