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The Satellaview, BS-X BIOS cart and 8M Memory Pack connected to a Super Famicom
Generation Fourth
Release date Japan April 23, 1995
Introductory price ¥14,000[1]
Discontinued Japan June 30, 2000
Successor Nintendo 64DD

The Satellaview (サテラビュー Saterabyū) is a satellite modem accessory for the Super Famicom which was produced by Nintendo and released on April 23, 1995. It was made in a joint effort between Nintendo and St.GIGA, the latter of which was a large satellite radio company at the time. The Satellaview itself is inserted beneath a Super Famicom, and using it requires the BS-X application cartridge to be inserted into the cartridge slot. The BS-X cartridge itself takes in an 8 MB Memory Pack, which games and other digital media, such as magazines, could be downloaded on to through digital broadcasts from St.GIGA. This was possible up until the service was decommissioned on June 30, 2000.

The Satellaview also had the ability to stream satellite radio, from which users could listen to music (including advertisements) and listen to radio programs while playing games. Certain games advertised as Soundlink intentionally played audio, which consisted of character voice acting and arranged game music, to go along with the gameplay.


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