List of Kirby games

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This is a list of games in the Kirby franchise.

Main series[edit]

These are the games in the main series, which consists of platforming titles.

Title Year of release Console
Kirby's Dream Land 1992 Game Boy
Kirby's Adventure 1993 Nintendo Entertainment System
Kirby's Dream Land 2 1995 Game Boy
Kirby Super Star 1996 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Kirby's Dream Land 3 1997 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards 2000 Nintendo 64
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror 2004 Game Boy Advance
Kirby: Canvas Curse1 2005 Nintendo DS
Kirby: Squeak Squad 2006 Nintendo DS
Kirby's Epic Yarn1 2010 Wii
Kirby Mass Attack 2011 Nintendo DS
Kirby's Return to Dream Land 2011 Wii
Kirby: Triple Deluxe 2014 Nintendo 3DS
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse1 2015 Wii U
Kirby: Planet Robobot 2016 Nintendo 3DS
Kirby Star Allies 2018 Nintendo Switch
Kirby and the Forgotten Land 2022 Nintendo Switch

1 - These games have an ambiguous status as a spinoff.


These are the spinoff titles. Many of the earlier releases are puzzle games while the later releases are mostly fighting games.

Title Year of release Console
Kirby's Pinball Land 1993 Game Boy
Kirby's Dream Course 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Kirby's Avalanche 1995 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Kirby's Block Ball 1995 Game Boy
Kirby no Omochabako 1996 Super Famicom (Satellaview)
Kirby's Star Stacker 1997 Game Boy
Kirby's Super Star Stacker 1998 Super Famicom
Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2000 Game Boy Color
Kirby Air Ride 2003 Nintendo GameCube
Kirby Fighters Deluxe 2014 Nintendo 3DS (eShop)
Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe 2014 Nintendo 3DS (eShop)
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe 2017 Nintendo 3DS (eShop)
Kirby's Blowout Blast 2017 Nintendo 3DS (eShop)
Kirby Battle Royale 2017 Nintendo 3DS
Kirby Fighters 2 2020 Nintendo Switch (eShop)


These are the reissues of earlier Kirby releases. This does not include Virtual Console releases or other direct ports.

Title Year of release Console
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land 2002 Game Boy Advance
Kirby Super Star Ultra 2008 Nintendo DS
Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition 2012 Wii
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn 2019 Nintendo 3DS