Octopus Dance

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Gameplay screenshot

Octopus Dance is a single-player minigame appearing in Nintendo Land. It features a diver from the Game & Watch game Octopus and the Octopus itself, though it is just a background element that kidnaps the Mii if they lose the game. The tutorial screen displays a beige backdrop and black character silhouettes, similar to Game & Watch games screen.


Here, the player must repeat the diver's moves using both Control Stick, or tilting the GamePad. There are four hearts around the Mii. If they do the wrong sequence, or does it too late or too early, one of their hearts break. If the Mii manages to achieve a perfect combo on each round, they earn a coin. When all hearts are gone, the Mii is captured by the Octopus, and the game ends. Additionally, a submarine can be seen at the sea. It has a screen that shows the player's face through the GamePad camera.

In Round 3, a smaller, red octopus appears, sometimes squirting ink onto one screen. The player must pay attention to the opposite screen they are using in order to complete a dance move.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Octopusdans
German Tanz des Kraken
Italian La danza del polpo
Portuguese Dança do Polvo
Russian Танец осьминога


Spanish El baile del pulpo