Balloon Trip Breeze

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Gameplay screenshot

Balloon Trip Breeze is a Solo Attraction-type minigame appearing in Nintendo Land for the Wii U. It is based on the Balloon Trip mode of the Nintendo Entertainment System game, Balloon Fight. The game involves one player's Mii wearing a Balloon Fighter costume with two balloons attached to their back, in order to float through an ocean. The player controls the Mii by doing breeze moves with the stylus on the Wii U GamePad screen.

To start a level, the player must ring a bell and, after that, the screen starts scrolling to the left left. Occasionally, some spiked spheres appear in the screen, as the player must avoid these. Some balloons also appear and the player can collect these for points. There are some balloon variations, such as green, yellow, purple and orange. Each green balloon gives the player one point, yellow balloons give two points, purple balloons give three points, orange balloons give five points and so on. Enemies from Balloon Fight also appear, where they attempt to attack the player by getting near them. The player can defeat them by popping their balloons and, after that, touching their parachutes. The scenery also contains Brick Block-like blocks, that can be broken with a touch on the Wii U GamePad.

Balloon Trip Breeze's levels are divided by days, and each day is compound by morning, afternoon, evening and night. In some special parts of levels, the player can pop bubbles coming from the water and earn five points for each bubble popped. At the end of every level there is a pedestal, the higher up you land on the pedestal the bigger the bonus you get.


  • Stylus: Control breeze, break blocks

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Uitwaaien met Ballon Trip
Theme Park with Balloon Trip
German Ballonausflug bei steifer Brise
Balloon trip in a stiff breeze
Italian Sulle ali del vento
In the wings of the wind
Portuguese Viagem de Balão: Ao Sabor do Vento
Balloon Trip: To the Flavor of the Wind
Spanish En globo sobre la brisa
In the balloon on the breeze