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Bumpers[1] are Pinball Parts in Pinball and VS. Pinball that bounce the ball back upon contact with them. They appear in every scene of the game. When the ball touches a bumper, it gets knocked back, and the player earns 100 points. In VS. Pinball, touching bumpers in scene B earns 300 points. Bumpers appear in three different colors: pink, blue, and amber. An additional green type of bumper appears only in VS. Pinball after activating a bonus. In total, there are six bumpers:

  • In scene A, a single bumper appears at the upper part of the screen above the slot target.
  • In scene B, there are three bumpers: two pink bumpers and one amber bumper. They appear below the lanes next to cards.
  • The final two blue bumpers appear in scene C. They are found to the left and right from bingo lamps.



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