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Scene B,[1] also known as the B screen,[1] is a level in Pinball and VS. Pinball. It is the lower half of the pinball table.


Each ball begins directly above the striker, and must be launched into scene A. If the ball falls below the bottom of scene A, it moves to scene B. The top of scene B features five cards. If the ball turns all of these cards face up, a block post is raised in between the two flippers at the bottom of the level. The top right corner of the level features a hole. If the ball reaches the hole, it enters the Bonus Stage. The left side of the level features seven targets. If the ball hits all of these targets, an exit to the striker briefly opens. Two pink bumpers and one amber bumper are present in the middle of the level. Below the bumpers are three eggs, which the ball can touch to hatch into chicks. If three chicks are present at once, two stoppers appear on either side of the level. Directly adjacent to the chicks are side lanes,[1] marked with a white line. If the ball enters a side lane, the exit to the striker opens and any previously hit targets reappear. If the ball falls below the bottom of scene B, the player loses the ball, and the block post and stoppers disappear if present.



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