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Slot windows rotating in scene A

Slot windows,[1] also named slots,[2] are Pinball Parts that appear in scene A in Pinball and VS. Pinball. There are three slot windows, each set to an icon of a penguin by default. If a ball passes through the lane on the right side of scene A, the slot windows start rotating between a icon, a icon, and a icon. If the ball hits the slot target[1] when it moves above one of the slot windows, said slot window stops rotating. If a slot window stops on a icon, the player earns a 1,000 point bonus. If each slot window stops on the same icon, the block post is raised, the layout changes color, and the player earns bonus points:

  • awards a 3,330 point bonus and the block post is raised for 6 seconds.
  • awards a 7,770 point bonus and the block post is raised for 14 seconds.
  • raises the block post and causes any points earned to be doubled as long as the block post is raised.


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