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Cards facing up in scene B

Cards[1] are Pinball Parts that appear in scene B in Pinball and VS. Pinball. They are a group of five green playing cards with a letter "N" in the middle while they are facing down. When the ball goes through a card, it flips over. The cards are as follows, from left to right:

Cards facing down in scene B
  • 10 of spades
  • Jack of spades
  • Queen of spades
  • King of spades
  • Ace of spades

These cards appear in scene B above the card lane,[2] which consists of six solid lines that prevent the ball from touching more than one card at once. When all five cards are turned face up, scene B changes to an amber color (scene A remains blue), a bonus point jingle plays, and a block post appears between the flippers. If the player loses the ball, scene B reverts to a blue color and the cards face back down. Cards grant 500 points each; when all five cards are revealed, the player is rewarded with 5000 points.



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