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This article is about the policy regarding personal images. For the policy regarding general uploading and use of images, see Nintendo Wiki:Image use policy.

Here at the Nintendo Wiki, we encourage users to personalize their user pages so that all of us in the community may get to know each other. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and so users are permitted to upload a prescribed number of images to the server for no use other than to decorate their user pages, subject to the following standards:

  • Each user is allowed up to five personal images. A personal image is defined as one not in specific use by the project. (Generally, this means that the image is only in the user namespace.)
  • Additionally, a user may include their image(s) in their signature. The images must not be taller than 35 pixels when scaled to fit the signature, and should be roughly square. They should not be distracting (e.g. animated). See Nintendo Wiki:Signatures for more information.
  • Images should not be profane or inappropriate. Kids as young as 7 are surfing this website, we don't need to see any nudity, blood, or violent weapons.
  • All personal images must be used within one day (24 hours) of being uploaded. Otherwise, they will be subject to deletion as unused images.
  • Users are allowed to upload audio and video files for their user pages, with each media file being equivalent to one personal image (i.e. no more than a total of five personal images and media files combined may be held by a user at a given time).

We regret having to be legalistic about this (the wiki is supposed to be lighthearted and fun, after all), but we have grown to the point that having a standard is necessary, and simply giving free rein in this area is counter to the goals of the knowledge base.

Images in use[edit]

To help us keep track of images in use, please use {{personal-image}} as shown below:

For normal personal images:

Personal image This image is being used as one of the personal images allowed to Eeyore the Iowan Goat.

For images intended for signatures:

Personal image This image is being used as one of the personal images in the signature of Eeyore the Iowan Goat.

For images being URL linked to various pages (user sub-pages, monobook, etc):

This image is not unused. It is currently being used as a URL-linked image and appears as an unused image.

Media:Personal images

Unless said image(s) is being used for wiki matters (style backgrounds, project images, etc.), please mark them as personal images.

Abandoned images[edit]

A user may abandon a personal image. Once this happens, the user who uploaded it may mark it for deletion, with the reason being "Abandoned PI" or "Abandoned personal image".

Before labeling an image as abandoned on behalf of another user, please ensure that they do not intend to continue using it in the near future (especially if the user is still under the numerical limit). Abandoned images should not be linked to from any page. Currently we are not mass-deleting abandoned images, but please note that they may be deleted at any time, and we will honor requests for deletion by the user who uploaded the file. (Note: We will also delete unused personal images that are the wrong format or that are of a poor quality, the same as any normal image.) Abandoned images may be claimed by another user, at which time the new user takes responsibility for the image.

Images in use by more than one person[edit]

If more than one user is using the same image, then it should only be attributed to one of them:

  • Attribute it to the person who uploaded it if they are using it.
  • Otherwise attribute it to the person who has been using it the longest.
  • For abandoned images, link to the user who used it most recently.