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Scene B after the block post is raised

The block post,[1] alternatively named up-post,[2] is a Pinball Part that appears in scene A and scene B in Pinball and VS. Pinball. The block post appears in between the two flippers on screen, and prevents the ball from falling in between the flippers. The block post does not bounce the ball away like a bumper; therefore, if the ball falls in between the flippers while the block post is raised, it remains in between one of the flippers and the block post until the +Control Pad Control Pad or the A Button or B Button buttons are pressed.

In scene A, the block post is raised if all of the slot windows are stopped on the same icon, and is lowered if the ball goes through the lane on the right side of the screen, if the score reaches 100,000 or 150,000 points, after 6 seconds if three icons were matched, or after 14 seconds if three icons were matched. In scene B, the block post is raised if all of the cards are turned face up, and does not disappear unless the ball falls off the bottom of the screen.



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