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The Visteon Dockable Entertainment System, also known as the Dockable Entertainment featuring Game Boy Advance, is a combination of a portable DVD player and a Game Boy Advance, although is also compatible with audio CDs. It was created by Visteon and released exclusively for the United States market in July 2006. The device was not sold at general retailers, but rather at car dealerships in combination with a roof docking head mount for installation, or already equipped in select models of certain vehicles.[1] The Visteon Dockable Entertainment System's Game Boy Advance cartridge slot is at the top-right corner of the unit, and below it is a Game Boy Advance Link Cable port, allowing for multiplayer support.


The Visteon Dockable Entertainment System was the result of a partnership between Visteon and Nintendo, and was first announced at CES 2006.[2] To celebrate the product's launch Visteon held a photography and writing contest.[3]

On April 1, 2008 Visteon released a model mounted into headrests for $1,700.[4] Later that year, the company expressed interest in creating similar products for the Nintendo DS and Wii, although neither materialized.[5]

Hardware specifications[edit]

The most common roof-mountable version is based on the Visteon XV101 portable DVD player, and shares specifications in all aspects except those regarding Game Boy Advance compatibility.

  • 10.2" Flip Down LCD Display
  • 6-Pin Auxiliary Port
  • Infrared Port
  • DVD Drive
  • Game Boy Advance Cartridge Slot

Alongside this, the player came with a wireless game controller (a modified Sky Active gamepad), a set of wireless headphones, a remote control, and compatibility with MP3 and WMA files.

Unique to the headrest model was a 7" TFT LCD screen, backlit DVD controls plus an additional remote, headphone and game controller.[4]




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