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Wario's Woods is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1994. It is the last first-party game to have been released for the system and, having been released late into the console's lifespan, is the only Nintendo Entertainment System game that has an ESRB certificate. Wario's Woods is a part of the Wario franchise, although it stars Toad as the main protagonist and Wario as the main villain. The game has an alternate version for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which released around the same time, so it is not a reissue.

Wario's Woods has been ported a few times. It was first reissued in 2001, being a part of Doubutsu no Mori+ as well as its two variations, Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+. In these games, Wario's Woods is a furniture item that can be obtained from Animal Island. In 2006, Wario's Woods was released for the Wii Virtual Console. Since this release, the ESRB updated their K-A rating for Wario's Woods to an E rating, and the game also received two additional ratings, including a 3+ from PEGI and a G from the ACB. In 2013, Wario's Woods was ported to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Later on, that same year, the game was ported to the Wii U Virtual Console. In 2018, Wario's Woods was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online.


Wario and his army of monsters have taken over the woods. Toad, partnered with Birdo and the Sprites, goes on a journey to defeat Wario and his minions and reclaim the woods.

In the ending cutscene, Toad is seen chasing Wario out of the woods.


Gameplay of Wario's Woods

In Wario's Woods, the player takes control of Toad with the objective of destroying all the monsters that are on-screen. If the player manages to do this, they can advance to the next level. To destroy the enemies, the player must place bombs that match their color next to them; when three items of the same color with at least one bomb are placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in a row, all the items in the row are cleared. If Toad is trapped by bombs or monsters, the player receives a Game Over.

At the end, Wario himself appears to fight against Toad alone, inexplicably at a gargantuan size. Eventually, Toad defeats him, causing him to shrink back to his original size and therefore his powers were also reduced (it was also revealed that Wario had in fact used an airpump to inflate himself to a much bigger size in order to battle Toad). Toad then proceeds onward by chasing the antagonist out of the Woods.

Game modes[edit]

There are five game modes: Round Game, Time Race, VS, Lesson, and Option. Round Game is the basic game with 100 levels (this is much like the story mode of the game, featuring the bosses and events within the game). The levels increase in difficulty as the player progresses, starting with more monsters and more kinds of monsters. It also has an A and B game mode. Time Race has three levels of difficulty and has players racing against the clock. VS is the two player mode (the second player has the option of choosing a green Toad as their character). Lesson teaches the game basics. The Option menu gives the options such as name change (of the player), data clear, and rankings.


In the Round Mode of Wario's Woods, the game takes on a story mode sequence with cutscenes being frequently encountered throughout the game. These cutscenes often take place after every 10 rounds, and they are scenes of Wario taunting Toad as the hero gets closer to defeating Wario. In most of these cutscenes, Wario often calls Toad insulting names such as "'Shroom" to discourage him. Wario also appears to grow in size throughout the game; thus, showing his powers increasing. In the final round levels, Wario can be seen to be in a gargantuan size (though it is revealed that he was just inflating himself with an air pump). In the end, Toad can finally be seen chasing Wario out of the woods.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオの森
Wario no Mori


  • In Doubutsu no Mori+, the Wario's Woods furniture item is modeled after a Family Computer. In Animal Crossing, it was changed to a Nintendo Entertainment System with the Wario's Woods box cover on top of the system. This change was retained in Doubutsu no Mori e+ despite being a Japan-exclusive version of the game.


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