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Super Mario 64 DS
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Virtual Console (Wii U)
Release date Nintendo DS:
USA November 21, 2004
Japan December 2, 2004
ROC December 2, 2004
Australia February 24, 2005
Europe March 11, 2005
China June 21, 2007
South Korea July 26, 2007
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Europe December 24, 2015
Australia December 25, 2015
Japan January 6, 2016
USA August 25, 2016
Genre 3D platformer
Rating(s) Original release:
ESRB: - Everyone
PEGI: - Three years and older
CERO: - All ages
ACB: - Parental Guidance
USK: - All ages
DEJUS: - General audience
VC release:
PEGI: - Twelve years and older
Mode(s) Single player, 2-4 players
Wii U:
Digital download
Nintendo DS:
Game Card
Wii U:
Nintendo DS:

Super Mario 64 DS is a platform game of the Mario franchise for the Nintendo DS. It is a remake of the Super Mario series title, Super Mario 64, and is the first 3D Mario game to release for a handheld system. The game was released as a launch title in 2004 in both Japan and North America and in 2005 in both Europe and Australia. Super Mario 64 DS was also released in China by Nintendo's Chinese subsidiary, iQue, in 2007. The same year, Super Mario 64 DS was released in South Korea. In 2015, the game was ported to the Wii U's Virtual Console in both Europe and Australia and in 2016 for both Japan and North America.

Super Mario 64 DS features enhanced graphics, characters, collectibles, a multiplayer mode, and several minigames, many of which were later included in New Super Mario Bros. Like the original game, the plot centers on recovering the Power Stars and rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. Unlike the original, Yoshi is the original protagonist, and Mario, Luigi, and Wario are all unlockable characters. To accommodate this, the story was changed slightly.


Mario, Luigi, and Wario on Castle Grounds in the opening cutscene

The game opens with Peach writing a letter to Mario, inviting him to her castle for some cake. Mario travels to the Castle Grounds through the use of a Warp Pipe, followed by Luigi and Wario. The three of them run into the castle. Meanwhile, Yoshi is asleep on the roof's castle. Later, Lakitu Bro. brings Yoshi to the ground and wakes him. He tells Yoshi that Mario has disappeared, so Yoshi goes to search for him, Luigi, and Wario. Just as Yoshi tries to enter Peach's castle, he finds that the door is locked. The Lakitu Bro. returns to tell Yoshi that he saw a rabbit with a key in its mouth. Yoshi catches the rabbit and uses the key to unlock the door to Peach's castle.

Inside, Yoshi hears Bowser's voice tell him that nobody is home and that he should leave. A nearby Toad tells Yoshi that Bowser and his minions have kidnapped Peach and stolen the Power Stars, which are the castle's source of power. Throughout Peach's castle are paintings and secret walls, which act as portals to other worlds where the Power Stars are found. The same Toad says that he last saw Mario, Luigi, and Wario jump into the Bob-omb painting.

After recovering a few Power Stars, Yoshi uses their power to unlock doors to other parts of Peach's castle. In the Mario painting, Yoshi fights Goomboss at the end of the area. By defeating Goomboss, Yoshi acquires the Mario Key and uses to unlock the door that Mario is locked behind. The two of them continue their search for the remaining Power Stars. When Mario and Yoshi gain at least 12 Power Stars, they unlock a Big Star Door that leads to the first Bowser area, Bowser in the Dark World. Mario gets into his first battle against Bowser at the end of the area. Mario defeats Bowser by swinging him into one of the mines surrounding the arena. Bowser disappears and awaits him in the next area. With the first Big Key that he has obtained, Mario uses it to unlock the door to the basement level.

In the course Big Boo's Haunt, Mario enters a Luigi painting, where he fights King Boo at the end. Upon defeating him, Mario obtains the Luigi Key, which he uses to unlock the door that Luigi is locked behind. Bowser is fought a second time in Bowser in the Fire Sea. The reward for defeating him is the second Big Key, which is used to unlock the second floor of the castle. Here, Luigi goes to enter the Wario painting, where he fights Chief Chilly at the end. By defeating him, Luigi obtains the Wario Key, which he uses to unlock the door that Wario is trapped behind.

After collecting at least 80 Power Stars, Mario specifically can fight Bowser in the final area, Bowser in the Sky, where he ensues a final battle against Bowser. Eventually, after Bowser's defeat, Mario and his friends return to Peach's castle, where they free Peach from a stained-glass window above the entrance. As a reward for saving Peach, she kisses Mario and goes to bake the cake she had promised.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオ64DS[1]
Sūpā Mario 64 DS
Super Mario 64 DS

Chinese (simplified) 神游马力欧DS[3]
Shényóu Mǎlìōu DS
iQue Mario DS

Chinese (traditional) 超級瑪利歐64DS[2]
Chāojí Mǎlìōu 64 DS
Super Mario 64 DS

Korean 슈퍼 마리오 64 DS[4]
Syupeo Mario 64 DS
Super Mario 64 DS


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