Choropū (Haha)

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Choropū (Haha)
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 54) (2018)
Species Monty Mole

Choropū (Haha) (チョロプー(母), translates to Monty Mole (Mother)) is a female Monty Mole who appears in volume 54 of Super Mario-kun. She has the appearance of a regular Monty Mole, but with a bow on her head similar to that of Pūko. Choropū (Haha) is the mother of the Choropū (Kodomo-tachi).

She appears in chapter 17, in which she meets up with Mario and Yoshi. She proceeds to tell Mario that she wants her children, the Choropū (Kodomo-tachi), to have a good Christmas. She then tells Mario that she will pay him if he helps her children celebrate Christmas. Mario then puts on a Santa Claus costume with Yoshi dressing as a reindeer before heading to the underground Monty Mole home. At the end of the chapter, she thanks Mario for giving her children a good Christmas (although she forgets to pay him).