Ghost Monty Mole

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Ghost Monty Mole
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 4) (1992)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 55) (2020)
Variant of Monty Mole
Choropū Men'iwa

Ghost Monty Moles are a ghost variant of Monty Mole that appear in a few volumes of Super Mario-kun. They are deceased versions of Monty Moles, still resembling Monty Moles but with a more ghostly body.

A ghost Monty Mole first appeared in volume 4, being one of the many ghost enemies that were tasked to torture Mario in hell, due to him killing them in the past. The ghost Monty Mole only appeared briefly in one shot and never reappeared anywhere else in the chapter.

In volume 55, another ghost Monty Mole was shown among the ghosts of various other enemies haunting Yoshi for killing them in the past.