Mega Mole family

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Mega Mole family

Artwork of the Mega Mole family and Mario, who is giving the peace sign
First appearance Super Mario Kodansha manga (4koma volume 2) (1995)
Species Mega Mole

The Mega Mole family is a family of Mega Moles who appear in the Super Mario Kodansha manga's second 4koma volume. They resemble normal Mega Moles but each member is a different size and has different colored shades. The biggest member resembling a normal Mega Mole, the second biggest one having pink shades, the second smallest one having blue shades, and the smallest having purple shades.

The Mega Mole family can be seen on the back of the volume as artwork of them and Mario happily being together. The Mega Mole family members also make a few cameos in a few of the pages, though they do not impact the story whatsoever.


  • Though Mega Moles are confirmed to be a larger variant of Monty Mole, the Mega Mole family shows that Mega Mole children also exist.