Choropū Shinrin-tai

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Choropū Shinrin-tai
First appearance Super Mario Kodansha manga (Super Mario Kart volume 3) (1993)
Species Monty Mole

The Choropū Shinrin-tai (チョロプー 森林隊, Monty Mole Forest Corp) are a group of Monty Moles who work for Bowser in the third Super Mario Kart volume of the Super Mario Kodansha manga. They consist of at least two known members, and both are wearing army-like clothing.

During one of the races in a jungle, Bowser calls the Choropū Shinrin-tai to help sabotage the race in his and Wario's favor. The Choropū Shinrin-tai use a chainsaw to cut down one of the trees in order to block everybody's path. However, Mario and Peach drive before being hit by the tree. Luigi gets knocked out of his kart and lost in the jungle. The tree also blocks Bowser and Wario's path. Bowser angrily yells at the Choropū Shinrin-tai before they quickly run away. Later on, they then try to stop Mario and Peach, but they end up defeated by getting run over by them.