Golden Monty Mole

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Golden Monty Mole

Mario Party 6 screenshot
First appearance Mario Party 6 (2004)
Variant of Monty Mole

Golden Monty Moles are a golden variant of Monty Mole that only appear in Mario Party 6, during the minigame Mole-it!. Golden Monty Moles resemble normal Monty Moles, with the exception being their golden fur and red nose.

Golden Monty Moles act the same as regular Monty Moles by popping their heads out of the pipes. Golden Monty Moles appear less often than the regular Monty Moles, but hitting one is worth three points unlike the regular Monty Moles, which are only worth a point.


  • In Super Mario Party, like the other playable characters, Monty Mole can drink the Golden Drink item to turn entirely gold. It does not turn Monty Mole into a Golden Monty Mole, and is only a transformation.
  • Golden Monty Moles are one of the few golden enemies to not appear or be associated with New Super Mario Bros. 2.