Monty Mole (Wonderland)

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Monty Mole (Wonderland)

The Monty Mole in Welcome to Wonderland
First appearance Super Mario 4koma Manga Theater (volume 1) (1991)
Latest appearance Super Mario 4koma Manga Theater (volume 3) (1992)
Species Monty Mole
Rotating Block (briefly)

Monty Mole is a character who appears in the Wonderland series from Super Mario 4koma Manga Theater volumes 1 and 3. He looks like his species of the same name, but since his third appearance, Monty Mole has visible bandages on his head. In volume 1 the Monty Mole uses the sunglasses design for the species, while in volume 3 he does not wear any sunglasses.


Welcome to Wonderland[edit]

The "Monty Mole Strikes Back" (right) and "Monty Mole Last Crusade" (left) strips seen in the first volume

In the "Welcome to Wonderland" (ようこそワンダーランドへ) set of strips in volume 1, the Monty Mole first appears in the "Monty Mole Appears" (チョロプー登場) strip. In this strip, the Monty Mole has a plan to ambush Mario from jumping out of the ground, but flees as Mario was underwater.

In the "Monty Mole Strikes Back" (チョロプーの逆襲) strip, the Monty Mole attempts to ambush Mario, but gets hit by a Banzai Bill upon jumping out of the ground.

In the "Monty Mole Last Crusade" (チョロプー最後の聖戦) strip, the Monty Mole tries to ambush Mario once more, making sure that no incoming Banzai Bills hit them while doing so. As the Monty Mole jumps out of the ground, he gets crushed by an incoming Thwomp.

In the "Constant Effort" (たえまない努力) strip, the Monty Mole listens to several Eeries sing while sitting on a cliff.

In the "Disappearing Trick 2" (消える魔法2) strip, the Monty Mole meets the Dino Torch, offering it a magic trick. The Monty Mole then pretends the Dino Torch is not there to make it believe that the Monty Mole made it disappear, running away in the process.

In the "How to Fly in the Sky" (空とぶ方法) strip, the Monty Mole asks the Dino Torch how it knows how to fly, but it is unable to do it due to it not having wings. The Monty Mole then chases after the Dino Rhino after seeing two pieces of paper with cutout shapes of wings that the Dino Torch dropped.

In the "Who Are You?" (あんただれ?) strip, the Monty Mole meets a Paragoomba, who angrily tells it that it got stuck in its hole and needs help to get out.

In the "I Have Objections in Participating" (参加することに異議がある) strip, the Monty Mole is wondering why the Dino Torch is following the Eeries.

In the "Laughing" (笑うカにン) strip, a Dry Bones tells the Monty Mole a joke, which he finds somewhat annoying.

The "Monty Mole's Home Visit" (right) and "Sky Flying Magic" (left) strips seen in the first volume

In the "Monty Mole's Home Visit" (のお宅拝見チョロプー) strip, the Monty Mole goes into Kamek's house to visit him. There, he is accidentally turned into a block when Kamek was practicing his magic.

In the "Sky Flying Magic" (空とぶ魔法) strip, Dry Bones asks Kamek if he is able to fly. Kamek says it would be difficult, with Monty Mole then reminding Kamek that he was turned into a block the other day. Kamek then claims that he would need a test subject, with Monty Mole then saying to Dry Bones that Kamek would love his jokes to secretly make him the test subject.

In the "Bad People" (人の悪い人々) strip, Monty Mole asks Kamek to change Dry Bones into something more interesting. Kamek first suggests a block like the other day, but they then agree upon changing Dry Bones into an earthworm instead.

In the "I Wonder If There is a Lid." (ミもフタもないかと。) strip, the Dry Bones cries because Monty Mole chose him specifically to become a worm, even saying that they would probably make him a slug next. The Monty Mole then says that being a slug would be funnier then his jokes.

In the "Life-Threatening Art" (命をかけた芸) strip, Monty Mole claims that Dry Bones would probably die one day, after he got beaten up by Boom Boom for telling him another bad joke.

In the "It Cannot Be Helped" (しょうがねえ) strip, Monty Mole notices how Dry Bones, Dino Torch, Para-Beetle, and Ptooie were all beaten up by Boom Boom. Monty Mole claims that they were beaten up by him for being idiots, before he claims that he could not help himself to not say it (and is sorry for it).

In the "Time For Confrontation" (対決の時) strip, Boom Boom tells Monty Mole that he needs to fight him in order to avenge his friends, or take everything he has if he loses. However, Monty Mole claims that they only have a stone.

In the "One Shot" (一発狙い) strip, Boom Boom tells Monty Mole to not move as he climbs up a tree in order to kick him. Monty Mole easily avoids Boom Boom's attack to then claim it was a waste of stamina to do that.

In the "Soaring Mosquitos" (舞いあがるカ口ン) strip, Monty Mole falls onto the ground unconscious as Dry Bones tries to tell him another joke.

In the "For The Time Being" (とりあえず大団円) strip, everyone cheers as the Dino Torch is carried in a basket by several Eeries and a Banzai Bill. Monty Mole then says that it is the end of "Welcome to Wonderland".

Wonderland again[edit]

The Monty Mole helping Mechakoopa in the "Helping" strip from the third volume
The Monty Mole in "Wonderland again"

The Monty Mole would return in the "Wonderland again" (ワンダーランドふたたび) set of strips from volume 3, no longer having sunglasses while still retaining the bandages on his head. In the "Helping" (人助け) strip, the Monty Mole comes across a Mechakoopa. The Monty Mole kindly helps the Mechakoopa by winding the key on its back. However, the Mechakoopa continuously follows the Monty Mole much to his annoyance.

In the title page for "Wonderland again", the Monty Mole relaxes by sitting on a hill due to having a lot of free time. The Dry Bones tells Monty Mole that something happened to Kamek, but a pebble that the Monty Mole threw in the air earlier accidentally hits the Dry Bones in the head, making them not remember what happened to Kamek. The Monty Mole then shakes the Dry Bones in order for them to remember what he was going to say, but it does not work.

In the "4 people watching over" (見守る4人) strip, the Monty Mole meets up with everyone as he heard that Kamek lost his wand. Although the Monty Mole feels bad that Kamek lost his wand, he admits that it is pretty boring.

In the "What is Seiza" (正座オニゴッコとは) strip, the Monty Mole, Dry Bones, Dino Torch, and Paragoomba play Seiza for 30 minutes straight, which then makes the Monty Mole realize how bad of an idea it was as the experience was painful.

In the "Squirt" (吹く) strip, Monty Mole, Paragoomba and Dry Bones all drink and spit water.

In the "Adventures" (冒険野郎) strip, the Monty Mole enjoys some free time and sleeps on a hill. However, the Monty Mole nearly falls off of the cliff which, in-which his friends save him.

In the "apparently is "covering"" (カづく) strip, Paragoomba asks Monty Mole if he wants some fun in his free time by gathering people. Monty Mole happily agrees and sets up a trap which Dry Bones gets caught in. Monty Mole then asks Dry Bones if he wants to play hide and seek, which Dry Bines agrees to.

In the "Rules" (ルール) strip, Monty Mole tells everyone the rules of the mega hide-and-seek match. This includes not having characters using abilities to make it harder for them to be found (such as Kamek not using magic or Paragoomba and Para-Beetle flying in the sky to hide). Kamek also says that Monty Mole cannot hide in the ground to hide either.

In the "Smart" (達人) strip, Monty Mole attempts to find Eerie, but they both keep looping around a tree.

The "Who are you?/Who am I?" (right) and "Enough motivation" (left) strips from the third volume

In the "Thrilling" (スリル満点) strip, Monty Mole sees a bamboo shoot in the river and assumes it is one of the hiders. The Monty Mole drops a worm into the bamboo shoot, onky to realize that it was not a hider. The Monty Mole then continues searching for other people, with a Koopa Troopa near by being relieved that he did not hide in the river.

In the "What wrong?" (さもありなん) strip, Monty Mole finds Dry Bones hanging on a cliff, due to accidentally falling. The Dry Bones then asks the Monty Mole if they can have help climbing back up.

In the "Who are you?/Who am I?" (私はだれ?) strip, Kamek decides to transform himself into a Monty Mole to help him get an advantage. Kaemk attempts to seem like a normal Monty Mole, but the Monty Mole quickly sees through Kamek's disguise. Kamek then realizes it was that Monty Mole.

In the "Enough motivation" (やる気充分) strip, Monty Mole finds both Wiggler and Dino Torch, wondering why the latter had to copy Wiggler.

In the "Well then everyone, let's say goodbye" (それでは皆さんお別れしましょ), Monty Mole finds everyone (including Eerie) and ultimately ends the hide-and-seek match. Everyone then goes home, hoping that they could play some other time.