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Not to be confused with Pūko.

Choropūko (チョロプー) is a female big Monty Mole with lipstick and fangs who appears in volume 23 of Super Mario-kun. Her name comes from「チョロプー」(Choropū), the Monty Mole's Japanese name, and「子」(-ko), a suffix commonly given to females in Japanese.

When Mario, Yoshi and Toad putt golf balls into her home, Choropūko comes up and tells them to stop. She then proceeds to throw small rocks at them. Mario tries going back to her home to defeat her, but Mario is shocked when she pulls out a massive boulder to throw at them. Mario then kicks Choropūko in the mouth. She then drops the boulder on Mario and his friends, then proceeding to claw up Mario as well. Toad then proceeds to pull out a Super Star that Mario uses to power up his Golf Club. Mario putts many golf balls at Choropūko, but her children manage to catch the golf balls (though some get hit by them). She starts crying, telling Mario and his friends to not hurt her children, which makes Mario and his friends leave as Choropūko and her children say goodbye.