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The Monty Mole auctioneer is a character in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a Monty Mole residing in Overlook Mountain, where he conducts an auction between a trio of Koopa Troopas and Mario, who is required to participate in the auction to obtain the green Shell Stone. The auctioneer appears joyful at the prospect of what he claims is a bargain - however, a long session of bartering makes him come across as desperate and poor.


Paper Mario: The Origami King screenshot of the Monty Mole auctioneer offering items for sale to the Koopa Troopas

Mario may find the auctioneer at his stand toward the start of Overlook Mountain, where a few Koopa Troopas have already been drawn in. As Mario approaches the stand, the Monty Mole speaks of the promise of an unbelievable bargain for an unbelievable treasure. He asks Mario to participate, although Mario does have to agree for the opportunity of receiving the green Shell Stone. If the player declines, the auctioneer waits until Mario comes back and accepts before beginning the auction.

After Mario has joined in the auction, the Monty Mole shows them the green Shell Stone, which he claims is a Miracle Orb capable of many things. He begins the offer at 10,000 coins, which he views as reasonable for the one-of-a-kind item, although the Koopa Troopas clearly do not think so. The player may accept the offer at this price or decline. If they choose to decline, then, due to neither Mario nor the Koopa Troopas purchasing the Shell Stone, the auctioneer offers it again at a lower price. This continues as the player declines, with the auctioneer coming across as more desperate and irritated. The Monty Mole auctioneer eventually claims his rent depends on it and that the bank will not like this. The Koopa Troopas also become more and more in disbelief until the price is lowered down to 300 coins. At this point, the auctioneer states this is his final offer, while the Koopa Troopas discuss buying it collectively. Mario must purchase the Shell Stone at this point. Otherwise, the Koopa Troopas purchase it, (with the Monty Mole auctioneer saying that he will go to the poor house due to only getting 300 coins) and it must be purchased from them afterward for 1,500 coins. Either way, Mario ends up with the Shell Stone.

Over time, the Koopa Troopas leave, although the Monty Mole remains at his stand. If the Shell Stone is purchased at a higher price, the auctioneer appears satisfied. If the Shell Stone is purchased at a lower or minimal price, the Monty Mole states he is still surprised he managed to pawn it off, revealing he found it on the side of the road. After a while, the Monty Mole claims that he should start packing up before someone else takes his spot.


  • "Step right up! Calling all savings seekers, coupon clippers, and thrifty types alike!"
  • "You, sir, with the mustache! Fancy a fair deal?"
  • "Can't spare any time for the deal of the century, eh?"
  • "Well, come on back when you're ready to save some serious coins."
  • "I'll get right down to it. What I'm offering today is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. A real bargain in the rough."
  • "Feast your greedy eyes on the Miracle Orb. It dices, it slices, it purees...and it's one of a kind."
  • "Now just calm down, folks..."
  • "And then get excited all over again! Because if you don't buy it now, you'll never get another chance."
  • "Let's start the bidding at 10,000 coins. Just 10,000 coins for this unique, absolutely necessary item!"
  • "No takers, huh? I see, I see..."
  • "But we can't let this serendipitous situation go to waste!"
  • "I've got an item, and you've got coins, so let's see if we can't make the magic happen, eh?"
  • "Now then! This hurts me deeply, but I'm going to offer you the discount of a lifetime."
  • "For an extremely limited time, you can purchase this item for the low, low price of 5,000 coins. We got a deal?"
  • "I see, I see... Now this IS a slippery situation we've got developing here."
  • "I'm lookin' to sell, you're lookin' to buy... Surely we can meet in the middle, just like your mustache."
  • "I'm just gonna put this out there: 3,000 coins. That's it. That's the offer. Take it or leave it!"
  • "Hoo boy. I didn't want to do it, but you're forcin' my hand."
  • "At this price it's as good as highway robbery. All we need is the highway and 2,000 coins. How about it?"
  • "You're kiddin' me. You still won't buy it?"
  • "I'm losin' it! You want the shirt off my back too? Take this thing away from me for 1,000 coins, will ya?"
  • "I don't even wanna sell it now. At this price, maybe I'll keep it!"
  • "Ahh, but you got me on the day my rent's due. My loss is your gain - 500 coins! Take it or leave it!"
  • "Oh boy. I was hopin' it wouldn't come to this. The bank's gonna send me a letter..."
  • "I just gotta get 300 coins outta this thing at a minimum. Please, I'm beggin' ya!"
  • "Yes! Sold for 300 coins. Take it and get outta my sight, you rascal!"
  • "Sold! To these three crafty Koopas who just put this old mole in the poor house. Hoo boy..."
  • "Still can't believe I got (amount paid) coins for a rock I found on the side of the road..."