King Choropū

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King Choropū

Mario battling King Choropū in an E3 2010 pre-release screenshot for Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Franchise Mario
First appearance Super Mario-kun Volume 5 (1992) (mentioned)
Latest appearance Paper Mario: Sticker Star (unused, only in E3 2010 and other pre-release builds)
Species Monty Mole
Species origin Mole

King Choropū (キングチョロプー)[1] (translates to King Monty Mole) was a boss found in pre-release builds of Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He is a large, purple Monty Mole with a beard and a crown, and appeared to be the ruler of the Monty Mole species.


Super Mario-kun[edit]

In volume 5 of Super Mario-kun, one of the Monty Moles briefly mentioned the existence of King Choropū when one Monty Mole suggested to take Mario and his friends to King Choropū's place. However, the Monty Moles changed their minds and decided to take them to their livestock instead.[2]

Paper Mario: Sticker Star[edit]

King Choropū would have physically appeared in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as seen in an official E3 2010 screenshot. King Choropū would have also likely been a boss, and one of his attacks involved him throwing a giant boulder at Mario or his partners, like the Chain Chomp in the screenshot.


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