Mischievous Mole (Mario franchise)

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Mischievous Mole is an unseen Monty Mole character in Super Mario Maker 2. He is one of the many level creators who appear in Story Mode.

Mischievous Mole has been confirmed to have made two levels, those being Tunnel to the Dark Side of the Moon and Dirty Donuts. In the level Tunnel to the Dark Side of the Moon, Mischievous Mole states in the level description that he dug a tunnel all the way to the other side of the moon (which is where the level takes place). Mischievous Mole also states that the tunnel looks cool, but can be extremely disorienting due to the changing gravity inside it. In the level Dirty Donuts, Mischievous Mole claims in the level description that he dug a burrow and filled it up with donuts and encouraged Mario to chow down on the donuts (before then claiming to not eat the donuts). Monty Moles and big Monty Moles also heavily populate the burrow as well.


  • Although not stated in the English version of Super Mario Maker 2, the Japanese name for Dirty Donuts is called Chi no Soko o Mezashite (地の底を目指して Aim for the Bottom of the Earth?), confirming that the level was also an attempt for Mischievous Mole to dig through the earth (similar to what he did in his previous level).
  • Coincidentally, in Mother 3, there is a mole enemy named Mischievous Mole.