Choropū Chika Butai

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Choropū Chika Butai
First appearance Super Mario Kodansha manga (Super Mario Kart volume 3) (1993)
Species Monty Mole


The Choropū Chika Butai (チョロプー地下部隊, Monty Mole Underground Unit) are a group of Monty Mole miners who work for Bowser. They only appear in the third Super Mario Kart volume of the Super Mario Kodansha manga. Despite being Monty Moles, the Choropū Chika Butai more closely resemble Mega Moles wearining mining helmets.

During one of the races, Bowser calls upon the Choropū Chika Butai to sabotage the race to allow him and Wario to win it. The Choropū Chika Butai alongside some Chargin' Chucks help break a supporting beam to make the track fall apart. However, Mario and Peach are able to use a small supporting pipe to drive to the other side and continue the race. Meanwhile Bowser and Wario are stuck on the other side of the road.


  • In the Mario Open Golf volume, a Mega Mole with a miner hat can be seen smoking in the Table of Contents page. This Mega Mole looks very similar to the Choropū Chika Butai, but they are ultimately unrelated.