Pakkun Mogura

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Pakkun Mogura (パックンモグラ, translates to Piranha Mole) is a fusion of a Venus Fire Trap, Muncher, Nipper Plant, and Monty Mole that appears in volume 9 of Super Mario-kun. Its design resembles the average Mega Mole design seen in Super Mario-kun. However, it has a Piranhacus Giganticus on its head as well as two Venus Fire Traps for hands.

After Fire Mario defeats a Piranha Plant family, he uproots the Venus Fire Trap, revealing a bunch of Monty Moles attached to the stem that Yoshi proceeds to eat. The bodies of the Venus Fire Trap and a Monty Mole, Muncher and Nipper Plant are suddenly struck by lightning, fusing them together into the Pakkun Mogura. Mario tries throwing Yoshi at it, but the Pakkun Mogura uses the Piranhacus Giganticus on its head to bite Yoshi, and spits him out back at Mario. Mario then tries using his hammer to hit the Pakkun Mogura, but he gets bitten and burned by the Venus Fire Trap hands of the Pakkun Mogura. Luigi bakes Yoshi Cookie that Mario tosses as a "Slave" attack, binding the Pakkun Mogura and Yoshi to move the same way and feel the same things. Slamming Yoshi's face to a rock, making him pick his nose and slamming him to the ground, the Pakkun Mogura is forced to do the same thing and gets defeated at last, to Yoshi's chagrin.