Origami Rocky Wrench

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Origami Rocky Wrenches are an origami variant of Rocky Wrench who appear as enemies in Paper Mario: The Origami King. They were ordinary Rocky Wrenches who, like the other Folded Soldiers, were brainwashed into working for King Olly by being folded into origami like the other Folded Soldiers.

Origami Rocky Wrenches exclusively appear in the Spring of Rainbows, in the small cave area at the beginning. In the overworld, they function like the normal Rocky Wrenches in the previous Paper Mario games, as they pop up and throw wrenches at Mario. Mario can avoid these wrenches by either jumping over them or destroying them with his hammer. If Mario either walks away from the area or uses the Lamination Suit, the origami Rocky Wrench will go back in its hole until it sees Mario again.

In battle, origami Rocky Wrenches have three main attacks they can use. They can use "Pass Belt" in which the group of origami Rocky Wrenches hide in their manholes to pop up under Mario and fling him in the air one by one, dealing damage each time they launch him (though Mario can block each time one of the origami Rocky Wrenches flings them to reduce damage). They also can use "Wrench Throw", which has them throwing a singular wrench. Lastly, they can use Spanner Throw, in which they throw a gold-colored wrench in an arch (similar to the hammers thrown by Hammer Bros).