Choropū the Picasso

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Choropū the Picasso
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 44) (sneak peek only) (2012)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 45) (2012)
Species Monty Mole

Choropū the Picasso (チョロプー・ザ・ピカソ, Monty Mole the Picasso) is a Monty Mole with a painter hat that appears in volume 45 of Super Mario-kun. His name references the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

While Mario and Toad travel through World 2-1, they stumble upon Choropū the Picasso. As Mario and Toad walk past him, they come across a giant cardboard cutout of ice cream, only for it to actually be a pile of faeces and emit the smell of one. After Mario and Toad run into a cardboard wall, Choropū the Picasso proceeds to hit Mario with a cardboard handle of a bomb before becoming a much more muscular version of itself called Macchoropū (マッチョロプー). This form is quickly revealed to just be a cardboard cutout as Mario kicks it away.

Mario tries hiding among a number of fake faces of himself, though Choropū the Picasso still manages to stomp on his face. Choropū the Picasso then runs over Mario with his Road Roller (ロードローラー), which is labeled "Nachunaru" (ナチュナル) and depicts what appears to be a Morty Mole on the front. He then picks up the flattened Mario to scribble on it and drop into a box with other cardboard cutouts. Mario, however, finds a cardboard Super Mushroom that he eats to return to normal and proceeds to Ground Pound on Choropū the Picasso. World 2-1 is then revealed to be made of cardboard cutouts, and after Mario asks Choropū the Picasso where they are and demands it to speak up, it is revealed that it is actually also a cardboard cutout, which collapses.



  • At the end of the chapter, a man says「『世にも微妙な物語』でした。」("'Yo ni mo Bimyō na Monogatari' deshita.", "This was 'Tales of the Subtle.'"), which is a reference to the Japanese television series Tales of the Unusual (世にも奇妙な物語, Yo ni mo Kimyō na Monogatari).