Choropū (Kodomo-tachi)

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Choropū (Kodomo-tachi)
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 54) (2018)
Species Monty Mole

Choropū (Kodomo-tachi) (チョロプー(どもたち, translates to Monty Mole (Children)), referred to as Chibi Choropū (チビチョロプー, Small Monty Moles) in the corresponding chapter title, are a group of three Monty Mole siblings who appear in volume 54 of Super Mario-kun. They are the children of Choropū (Haha), and are designed mostly like normal Monty Moles.

In chapter 17, Choropū (Haha) asks Mario and Yoshi to give her Choropū (Kodomo-tachi) a great Christmas, with her even offering to pay Mario. When Mario arrives at their home (now in a Santa Claus costume), the Choropū (Kodomo-tachi) mistake him for a thief at first, but become excited when Mario reveals that he is Santa. They show Mario some fishing before he puts up a Christmas tree (which is actually Yoshi in a costume). The Choropū (Kodomo-tachi) bake a cake for Santa before Yoshi quickly eats it. Though Mario is slightly mad at Yoshi, the Choropū (Kodomo-tachi) still have a sirloin steak for Santa (called「サンタ食うロース」(Santa kuu rōsu), a pun on "Santa Claus") that they made for him (though Mario wishes he had chicken instead). Mario then takes off his Santa costume, which makes the Choropū (Kodomo-tachi) angry, due to them knowing that he was not Santa Claus. Mario and Yoshi quickly run away, only for Mario to remember that he forgot to get paid. Choropū (Haha) and her Choropū (Kodomo-tachi) still thank Mario for the wonderful Christmas they had.