Gattai monster

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Gattai monster
First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 5) (1992)
Species Zombie (part Blargg/Bob-omb/Thwomp/Piranha Plant, part Monty Mole, part Koopa Paratroopa, part Wiggler and part Sumo Bro)

The gattai monster (合体モンスター, translates to "combined monster") is a Frankenstein's Monster-like creature that exclusively appears in chapter 11 of Super Mario-kun volume 5. It is made of multiple parts of corpses: it has the head of a Blargg (but only initially), the body and shell of a Sumo Bro, a Koopa Paratroopa's wings, a Monty Mole's paws and a Wiggler's eight feet.

After Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi defeat all of the urami no iwa in the graveyard, the warden, a Fishing Boo, summons his monster and orders it to "show what he got" to the trio, but the monster starts dancing. Mario punches it, demolishing it. Before it recomposes itself, Mario toss away the Blargg's head. The Fishing Boo does not give up and tries to replace the head: it firstly tries with a Bob-omb, but it explodes immediately after; then it tries with a Thwomp, but its weight squashes the body; lastly, it tries a Piranha Plant head. Mario tries to burn it with his fire power, but ends up enraging the monster.

The monster kicks the trio away and Yoshi crashes on a Rotating Block, revealing a Gray P Switch. Mario activates it and the monster turns into multiple Gray Coins. The Fishing Boo finally gives up, while the other corpses buried in the graveyard turn into Gray Coins as well. With all of the coins popping out of the ground, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and the Fishing Boo are overwhelmed by them.