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First appearance Super Mario-kun (volume 44) (2012)
Species Monty Mole

The Chorozairu (チョロザイル) is a group of Monty Mole miners that appear in volume 44 of Super Mario-kun, working for a Buzzy Beetle. Their design is the same as normal Monty Moles but with mining helmets (and one wearing sunglasses).

During the events of the chapter, the Buzzy Beetle shows Mario the Chorozairu after showing some Dry Bones miners as well. After the mining crew dig for a short while, they stumble upon a Banzai Bill. When Mario tries using his underwear to wake up the Banzai Bill, he throws them on the Chorozairu and the other mining crew. One of the Chorozairu suggests a dance party, leading all of the miners to dance and wake up the Banzai Bill, which also dances.